mul t lock

mul t lock

Mul T Lock Integrator platform is one of the many Mul T Lock patented options utilizing patent-protection and key

control to offer greater security against unauthorized key duplication. Integrator offers a cost-effective and more

exclusive alternative to other more common restricted key systems.

Integrator is a patented key, standard security platform. It provides enhanced key control by utilizing patented keys

and requiring presentation of a key order card to an authorized dealer for key duplication by a unique locksmith-operated

key cutting machine but does not offer physical high security. The Integrator platform can be used in a combined

system with non-patented 7×7 platform products in order to create a two-tier security system which utilizes patented

cylinders and keys in some areas and non-patented components in others, all operable by Integrator keys.

Choose this solution for applications that require protection against unauthorized key duplication in all or some areas

and do not require strong physical high security.




• A unique, high precision seven-pin tumbler mechanism

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• A patented key with a copy-protected oval cut, available

in three different confi gurations: Internal, External and

Twin activated by a unique launcher pin within the cylinder

• Key control key ordering authorization cards which must

be presented to an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer for key


• Common product range – can be incorporated into common

Mul T Lock products

• May also be available with 7×7 cylinders for large

projects with budget limitations where key control is

only required at certain locations – allowing Integrator

keys to operate both patented Integrator and non

patented (standard-security) 7×7 cylinders, while

7×7 keys can only operate 7×7 cylinders

• Some keyway options

• Master keying capabilities to suit the

needs of multiple applications and system


mul t lock